I visited actress Salome to the Tbilisi pantomime theater to photograph her. I know her from childhood. She studied in the same college of art where I studied. She was my brother’s classmate. I have not met her after childhood, but one day I noticed her on the stage of theater and contacted again. With these photo series I want to show the actress’s life inside theater and at the same time the life of woman. When I was photographing her, she changed so many cloths, her appearance transformed and she acted differently on the stage, I was thinking about women’s life and roles in different societies and places, the real roles and sometimes roles forced by the society where she lives. On the stage she was hiding and at the same time showing her face. She was making improvisation performances for me. She is actress, but as job she has staged roles not improvisations her own. I wanted to give her freedom to move her own on stage.